Can you set up a table plan in less than 60 seconds?

Table planning can be a challenging endeavor, particularly when dealing with multiple distinct groups of individuals and guests.

The Involved Platform streamlines this process, guaranteeing cohesive group seating arrangements, equitably sized table assignments, and the assurance that each attendee is accommodated comfortably.

The accompanying illustrative video vividly exemplifies the expeditious and straightforward creation of a meticulously organized seating plan.

Commencing the process, we initiate the importation of an attendee list from an Excel document. The essential requisites for each entry include the first name, last name, and email address, although the inclusion of comprehensive guest details and association with up to three different groups is an available option.

In our demonstration, our initial objective is to allocate seating for the Leadership team and their respective guests, designated for tables 4, 5, 6, and 7. The system, with precision, informs us of a total of 30 attendees, encompassing both leaders and their guests. An optimal allocation across these four tables, with a maximum of 6 seats per table, is accordingly recommended.

Subsequently, our intent is to disperse the head office staff uniformly across all available tables. The system efficiently computes that this will necessitate the allocation of 21 tables, with each accommodating 10 seats.

In our final phase, we aim to distribute the regional staff evenly amongst the tables, ensuring that members from the same region are not concentrated at a single table. By addressing each regional group separately, we maintain this equitable distribution.

The Involved Platform provides indispensable highlight tools to facilitate a thorough verification of seating arrangements, thereby confirming the accuracy of each placement.

Furthermore, the system differentiates between hosts and guests, guaranteeing their co-seating or placement at the same table when the specification of individual seat numbers is unnecessary.

Should the need arise, users possess the flexibility to fine-tune seating arrangements by effortlessly relocating attendees from one table to another. The system diligently safeguards against the inadvertent separation of hosts and their designated guests, issuing warnings when such a scenario is detected.