Phase 2


Built from the ground up, based on over 25 years of conference and event expertise, our events platform is fully responsive and can be easily viewed on any device. Before your event starts, you can give time-based access to the app to help inform and build excitement among your attendees. Think of it as the digital guidebook for your conference, listing the agenda and speaker bios, as well as interactive tools, such as requesting questions in advance of the event so you can plan responses. Workshops and breakouts can also be booked or selected ahead of the event, making it a great way to drive engagement or gauge interest in certain aspects of your conference before it even happens. A resource hub can hold all the required documents for internal events where attendees need to be briefed in advance. These can then be tracked to see who has and hasn’t viewed the pre-read material. Our platform can also help reduce event overheads by removing a large percentage of print outlay costs, as everything can be distributed and held digitally.