Phase 4


Whether your event is virtual, in-person or hybrid, our live platform brings it all together.

Live streams are directly embedded, splitting the page so that all the content can still be viewed, giving the user a seamless, uninterrupted experience. In-person attendees can also view the platform on mobile devices.

All the content is served exactly the same no matter where you’re watching, so remote users get a first-class experience and can interact with polling, Q&A, messaging and video chat.

For those that can’t make the event or miss certain sections, on-demand streams can let them replay the entire thing.

The live platform modules



Personalised agendas

Breakouts for virtual events


Sponsors and exhibitors

Single page streaming


Polling increases engagement during events, and this can be done live via multi-choice questions with multiple selections. While inconclusive answer capture allows attendees to input their thoughts with an ‘other’ text input option.

Live polling also enables instantaneous and growing word clouds to gauge what’s important to attendees, along with the ability to rank questions in order of importance. You can also repeat questions and see how audience opinion changes, which is great for debates or learning.


Live question & answer sessions are made easy with remote moderation and presentation links. This allows the moderator to vet every question before the presenter sees them. This is quickly done via a thumbs-up and thumbs-down system. The moderator also decides which questions are shared on the live platform for attendees to see.

The moderator can also directly address questions on the presenters’ behalf, avoiding unnecessary interruptions during the live Q&A.

Sharing questions back to the platform allows delegates to ‘like’ a question, saving duplication and showing the hot topics among the audience. Equally, all the incoming questions can be hidden entirely.

Polls are also updated live on the moderator and presenter pages so they can easily see which way the questions are leaning before the final outcome.


Smooth running events need personalised agendas, and ours are time zone aware so that remote attendees never miss a thing.

Personalised agendas ensure that delegates know where they need to be and what they’re seeing. That means only showing them the days they’re attending or the sessions they’re joining.

Breakouts can be user-selectable, but limits can also be imposed to stop sessions from becoming too busy. Selections can be locked in or changeable so participants can quickly switch to another breakout if they want to.

Breakouts for
virtual events

Involving all your attendees in breakouts is easier than ever with embedded Zoom links; this allows all delegates to view and talk to each other as though they were in person. Alternatively, you can use our bespoke video chat rooms, which can accommodate up to 100 attendees at a much higher quality than Zoom and include branded backgrounds.

You can also use digital whiteboards, text chat rooms and live polling during breakouts to make them more engaging and interactive.


Remote and hybrid events can make networking almost impossible due to that physical disconnect; our selection of tools can help bridge that gap, bringing people together online, whether physically at your event or on another continent.

Global chat allows attendees to post messages or photos that are viewable to everyone, while private chat gives attendees the ability to video chat and send messages to each other or set up group chats.

Video chat tables help simulate those coffee break situations, these can be themed, or a designated host can help encourage conversation.

Private chat allows attendees to post private messages to one another in one-to-one conversations, or in group conversations. You can even start an instant video chat if you prefer. This is a great way to help virtual and in-person attendees meet up.

Our ‘Connection’ tool allows QR code scanning to create a connection between two users. Once connected, their details are instantly saved to your phone. We can also report on how these connections are being made.

Sponsors &

Virtual exhibition spaces and adverts for sponsors can help widen their reach and increase revenue by marketing them to remote and in-person users.

Fully responsive template exhibition stands work across all devices and can be fully branded and feature downloadable content such as PDFs and videos.

Video chat, meetings and 1-2-1 sessions can be booked with a fully implemented queuing system to increase interaction on the stands.

Every delegate visit is tracked along with their digital interactions; these are presented in a report which can be shown to third parties to engage them in future events.

Additional information can be unlocked via QR code scanning for in-person attendees. This can be used for quizzes and leader boards, which can help increase footfall to the stand.

Single page

If you only want to stream events and let the audience engage remotely, our fully brandable one-pager can be themed to hide the edges of the video window, and emoji interaction brings a fresh approach to online conference events.

Global chat is embedded, allowing live comments and questions for Q&A sessions. Polls and feedback can also be run at the required times.