10 essential app features for your events in 2024

As we reflect on the accomplishments of the past year, we are thrilled to share some exciting updates and additions to the Involved platform that made 2023 truly remarkable and ensure you have successful events in 2024.

    1. Push Notifications
      Experience the power of instantaneous communication! Our latest update allows you to send push notifications seamlessly to your users on both Android and iOS platforms. Rest assured, it’s fully GDPR compliant, granting users the freedom to subscribe or unsubscribe at their convenience. Enjoy fully branded notifications that can effortlessly guide users to specific pages within the app.
    2. Multi-language Support
      Welcoming diversity, Involved now boasts comprehensive multi-language support. Every corner of the app, including polling and feedback questions, can be translated to meet the preferences of your users. Elevate virtual events further by integrating third-party live translation tools for your virtual streams.
    3. Silent Auctions
      The popular Silent Auction feature from our dedicated iPad solution iConnect is now seamlessly integrated into Involved. Whether on a shared tablet or individual mobile devices, users can engage with auctions effortlessly. Stay tuned for upcoming updates, including SMS notifications for outbids, direct pledge capabilities, and in-app payments.
    4. Table Planning
      Simplify the intricate task of table planning with our newly added system. Seamlessly manage seating arrangements, group distribution, and enjoy the flexibility of a real-time table plan within the event app. Make those last-minute changes with ease!
    5. Exhibitor Supplier Portal
      Revolutionize the way you collect data from exhibitors with our dedicated portal. Designed for both exhibitors and administrators, this user-friendly portal streamlines the process. Easily keep track of uploaded content, completed forms, and effortlessly identify areas that may need follow-up.
    6. Meeting Booking
      Streamline your event planning with our new Meeting Booking feature. Whether integrated into the events app or used as a standalone product, this functionality allows users to book meetings in specific rooms with designated individuals. Calendar invites can be easily sent and updated as needed. Administrators can access an overview of scheduled meetings, and if you’re using the events app, meetings seamlessly integrate into your personalised agenda.
    7. Digital Playback System
      Introducing our innovative Digital Playback System, designed to enhance the user experience at exhibitions. Attendees with a web app on their phones can approach a screen, scan a QR code, and take control of the display. This feature enables users to push interactive content from a specified library to the screen, providing a customisable and engaging experience. Ideal for exhibitions, this tool allows users to select the content they want to see while tracking their interactions.
    8. Table/Breakout Exercises
      At Involved, we prioritize putting your audience at the heart of your event. Our Breakout Tool Kit facilitates audience engagement during breakout sessions, where attendees can contribute to solving company problems and issues. Each breakout group receives a dedicated iPad with specific questions, and responses are automatically collated for sharing in the main room. Unlike traditional flip charts, captured information is preserved and can be accessed post-event via Excel or Word documents.
    9. Bespoke Exhibition Games and Activities
      Elevate your exhibition experience with our bespoke interactive games and activities. From Maze Games to music quizzes and risk appetite education exercises, we’ve crafted a variety of engaging experiences for our clients. These experiences not only captivate your audience but also gather valuable data about booth visitors in a fun and entertaining manner.
    10. Digital Signage
      Ensure your event runs smoothly with our Digital Signage feature. Easily update content and correct any mistakes remotely using our online system. Slide shows, videos, and playlists can be effortlessly managed from a web page, ensuring your guests always receive accurate information at the right time.

    We’re excited about these developments and the positive impact they can have on your events. Feel free to explore these features further, and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions or need assistance.